Ottawa auto detailing shop. Car wash.

It's a fact

Everyday your car is subjected to a variety of menaces. UV rays, salt, grit, sand, grease, acid rain, and pollution all work together slowly and silently dulling your cars paintwork and causing rust and corrosion that eats away at the bodywork. All this over time diminishes the value and performance of your car, as well as the looks.

Proper car detailing is all about cleaning, correcting, and protecting your vehicle against these and more elements listed above. By using the safest methods possible, in an extremely thorough manner, and we are the experts at preserving your vehicle.

Why Splash Autocare

Apart from being a high quality car care service centre, at Splash Autocare we offer a wide range of services that will help you make your car one of a kind. Nothing is cut back on, we are only interested in bringing you and your car the best. With the best products on the market we will bring your car back to the sparkle and shine that it should be. We have different packages to suit both your pocket and your requirements. Whichever package you feel is right for you, we will look after your car as if it was our own.